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Computer Training & Consulting

Whether you need a consultant who can design and build the product for you or a trainer who can equip you with the skills to do it yourself, I can help you reach your goals.

“Work well with people to develop solutions that fit well”

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Project Solutions

In the market for a consultant? Someone who can create the finished product for you? Let me help. In addition to training, I have a background in writing, web design, multimedia, music, finance, and public speaking, as well as other fields. Discover the project solution that meets your needs!

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Training & Tutoring

Learn from a certified instructor with over 19 years of experience teaching computer software to adults! Learn how to use the tools you need, and why, so that you will be able to produce and manage content on your own.

  • Private Tutoring: We will work on your computer, with your projects and your questions
  • Group Training: In a classroom or via a web portal, equip your team with the skills you want them to know
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Instructional Design

From commission to concept to production to delivery to improvement, this multidisciplinary process includes developing interactive labs, student handbooks, presentation pieces, technical documentation, and so much more.

This process also includes interviewing, research, proofreading, and responding to constructive feedback.

I am passionate about the learner!

Testimonials & Endorsements

“Sarah is tremendous at taking an idea and running with it!”
“Sarah is a great person to have on your team.”
“She's the kind of teacher who always remembers your name.”

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