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Computer Training & Project Solutions

Whether you need a consultant who can produce solutions or an instructor who can equip people, I can help you reach your goals. My primary strategy is to:

“Work well with people to develop solutions that work well.”

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Project Solutions

In the market for a consultant? Someone who can produce results? Let me be of service to you. I have 15 years of experience supporting businesses and individuals with their projects.

  • Print: Writing, proofreading, editing, layout, distribution...
  • Visuals: Photo-optimization, graphic design, animated logos, diagrams, ads...
  • Web: Site design, implementation, clean-up, supplying content
  • Spreadsheets: Excel/VBA custom templates, export data
  • Interactive Forms: PDF, HTML

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Computer Training

Want to do it yourself? Want to learn? Let me teach you how to use your computer to create and manage your content. I am a certified instructor with over two decades of experience teaching computer skills to adults!

  • One-On-One: We will work on your computer, with your projects and your questions
  • Group: Experience the learning process with others in open-enrollment classes
  • Team: Equip your team to accomplish business-critical tasks via hands-on training, demos, videos, procedural guides, etc.
  • eLearning: Tap into on-line learning events and resources

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Logo Design

Instructional Design

Got a new product or service? And an audience or team that needs to learn all about it? Let me support you. I listen to clients, stakeholders, and SMEs to discern the critical requirements for success. And I collaborate with people throughout the development and implementation phases. ADDIE/SAM friendly.

  • Determine learning objectives
  • Design the course
  • Develop training materials and activities
  • Deliver the learning experience
  • Document results and effectiveness

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Easy Sailing

Professional & Personable

Here are my skills:

  • Analyze projects to identify and prioritize requirements and establish feasibility
  • Creatively and collaboratively approach scenarios to produce optimal solutions
  • Empower users to adopt new solutions
  • Exhibit patience, humor, and integrity in the workplace

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Testimonials & Endorsements

“Sarah is tremendous at taking an idea and running with it!”
“Sarah is a great person to have on your team.”
“She's the kind of teacher who always remembers your name.”

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