Apples and Elephants


Here are some recommendations and endorsements from my clients and colleagues...

Solutions Consultant & Adobe Resource

Sarah is my dependable resource when it comes to Adobe projects and training — and also for innovative ideas to improve my products. I am often searching for new ways to enhance my e-Guides, and Sarah tirelessly researches and finds solutions for me. Using InDesign and Acrobat, Sarah transforms my rough drafts into professional 100-200 page e-Guides with Acrobat forms, other interactive elements and innovative design elements that make my products easy to use. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence are crucial — we need to keep multiple publications synchronized, standardized, and press-ready, and she manages to keep things under control and deliver on-time.

José Campos
Owner, RapidInnovation

Web Design

As a friend of Novum Chamber Singers, I am taking this opportunity to describe how our group’s profile was transformed by the website artistry of Sarah Wischmeyer.

We are a small non-profit organization of professional musicians. What we do in concert is masterful; but when it comes to promotional goals, we really appreciate how Sarah has run with the ball! She crafted an elegant and logical site for us, using our theme colors, adding the excitement of concert audio clips. Our tabs and directories are well connected and fun to peruse. Even I have learned new things by browsing our website!

As one who has contributed content to Sarah, I cannot imagine an easier person to work with, or a more complete way of bringing a job from concept to fruition. Sarah is imaginative, resourceful, and quick to produce updates in a site that includes three or four chapters each year.

Mary Kidd
Mary Kidd Piano Studio, Friend of Novum Chamber Singers

Training & Private Tutoring

I started a new job that requires InDesign and Photoshop. I attended one of Sarah's classes and appreciated how she managed the various skill-sets and personalities of the individuals in the class.

Sarah makes me feel very comfortable sitting in front of my computer, learning new programs because she uses terms I can understand and a pace I can follow. My transition has been much smoother because of the training and continued support I receive from Sarah.

Roberta Murdock Pronovost
Editor, The Charbonneau Villager

Training & Web Design

Sarah is an excellent teacher. I had the pleasure of working with her for over seven years. She was my first instructor at New Horizons and I took several classes from her. Not only did she know the material well, she took the time to make sure her students understood. Many times I saw her go the extra mile to help a student.

In addition she is a whiz at web design. I saw several beautiful web pages that she developed over the years.

I would, without hesitation, work with Sarah or recommend her for any position.

John Chandler
Education Consultant, New Horizons Career Center

Training & Group Facilitation

It was my pleasure to work with Sarah for two years and then return to her classroom frequently as a student in my capacity as Technology Training Specialist for the University of Portland. In every case she demonstrated her unique ability to impart complex technical information to a varied audience in a way that was both effective and fun. Simply put: she communicates with her audience, no matter who that audience is.

Let's face it, almost anyone can teach a program with a "click-here-and-point-there" demonstration. But to truly connect with your audience, gain both acceptance and buy in, is a special skills that few possess. It is so critical in Training. Sarah has it. When you add that to her ability to work both in the structured classroom environment and at a custom on-site for a company with equal ease, you have an exceptional mix of talent and creativity.

Her strong knowledge of graphics programs and the related information that goes with it is substantial, as is her own creativity. I consider her a valuable resource and she has repeatedly taken time out to answer one of those nagging questions that pop up and you need a real person for, not just Google.

That is what Sarah is. Someone with the tech skills, the people skills and the instinctual abilities to be at ease in front of a group of people and consistently blend these abilities into a positive, engaging and productive session for her clients. People learn, people are engaged and people leave better off than they arrived.

Bill Bateman
Technology Training Specialist, University of Portland

Training & Classroom Management

I have had the opportunity to work with and refer clients to Sarah Wischmeyer for nearly 10 years.

Sarah is a true professional and subject matter expert in all that she instructs. Sarah routinely goes above and beyond the features and tools within the programs to help the students understand the concepts and theories of use for each program she instructs. Her ability to understand what her students know and don't know and help them advance their skills is measurable and obvious in each class she teaches. Sarah's ability to manage the classroom environment and help each person get what they need from the class is her primary goal and something she is always focused on.

I would enthusiastically recommend Sarah Wischmeyer for any class or topic she lists in her area of focus, you'll be happy you did.

Pat Robison
Senior Account Executive, New Horizons


Sarah is one of the most versatile teachers or trainers out there. She knows her content and she knows her student, and most importantly, she knows how to put the two together. She's the kind of teacher who always remembers your name.

Jacob Moran
Senior Technical Trainer, New Horizons
Live Learning Expert, Skillsoft

Solutions Consultant & Excel Templates

I couldn't be more happy with the work that Sarah did for me. I had absolutely no idea where to start when building an Excel spread sheet that I needed for tracking multiple employees' sales and payroll all at the same time. I wasted all kinds of time and looked all over the net but I needed something custom. She whipped it out in no time at all and for a very affordable price!

Ben Omlid
TicText Mobile Marketing

Training & Collaboration

Sarah is a great instructor and a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and is able to explain things in a way that is clear and easy to understand, which are essential qualities for an instructor. As a coworker, I worked with Sarah on the setup of Dreamweaver and SharePoint Designer classes; she was able to give me great feedback in the testing and setup of those classes. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

Chris Anderson
Information Technology and Services Professional

Training & Leadership

Sarah is a woman of integrity, sensitivity, with a genuine concern for other people. Her high expectations of her students, her ability to adapt to meet the class needs, and her capacity to connect students to the course material all demonstrate an ability to learn, teach, and lead in and out of the classroom. I was in class to learn the computer skills needed to start a small business. She taught me those skills. She is the type of individual who brings honor and worth to any group she is involved with.

I recommend her without reservation. I consider it my real privilege.

Scott K. Long

Solutions Consultant & Web Design

Sarah created a perfectly balanced website for my new business — it's simple and easy to navigate, it communicates the right message to my broad client base, and it represents my own personal style. I've had nothing but positive feedback, and I couldn't be more pleased!

Sarah is tremendous at taking an idea and running with it! When we started my website design, I had only a few, very general ideas, but she grasped my needs quickly. Not only did she help develop my brand identity, she built a site that communicates effectively and is easy to use.

Sarah has an instinctive nature and keen ability to grasp her clients' needs. In designing my new website, she was able to take my very general concepts and create a site that's appropriate for my business yet stands out from competitors. I trusted her each step of the way, and she exceeded my expectations!

Caralee Anley
Organizing Coach and Efficiency Specialist

Web Design & Web Management

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Sarah Wischmeyer for many jobs well done. Sarah has been involved with my business, Fashion Focus, for several years. She has many responsibilities, including running my website, posting articles and collecting plus posting pictures. I very much value the relationship I have with Sarah and am truly happy with everything she does for my website.

Marie L. Green
Stylist and Fashion Columnist, Fashion Focus

Solutions Consultant & Excel Templates

Sarah helped me with an excellent solution, using Excel, for entering classified ads for a publication. I would highly recommend her!

Geoff Parker
Owner, Peccavi Publications

Training & Collaboration

I have known Sarah Wischmeyer for many years and in that time, I have had the pleasure of being not only a colleague and student, but her boss as well. In all three capacities, I have always had her exceed my every hope in training. I have found that she not only knows her software and can deliver outstanding training, but also can relate to her audience and adapt well. As her former boss, she was always my "can do, go to" trainer. Whenever I would assign her to a training session, I knew that I was sending one of my best, and that the client would more than have their expectations met.

Not everyone can be a trainer, but of those that are, she is one of the very best. The innate skill set that she possesses makes a good trainer a great trainer. She has the ability to convey the most technical of concepts and make it relevant and understandable. With Sarah, you will always get the best she can deliver—she takes great pride in the training she delivers.

William Daniels III
Training Manager, New Horizons

Instructional Design & Technical Training

As former Director of the Live Learning group at Skillsoft, I involved Sarah in a range of duties including class delivery in CompTIA and Microsoft. Additionally, we undertook an effort to prepare content for Windows Server 2016.

Over the years in the Live Learning team, Sarah distinguished herself above other instructors in several areas. Sarah is a very organized individual who seeks to do the very best job possible within the time constraints provided. She contributed substantially in making improvements to our content development model. These include instructional design improvements, technical improvements with capturing content, and driving the quality of other instructors' work that she oversaw.

Most recently, Sarah was involved in a team assigned to the task of creating presentation material for five full ILT courses in Server 2016. Alone she created more than three instructors combined and accounted for over 1000 of the 2200 slides we created. It is pretty easy to pump out a lot of slides, but that isn't what Sarah was doing. She was meticulously crafting slides and providing top notch quality.

Sarah is a gifted instructor as well, and doesn't just talk at students. She involves students and really gets into the content and teaches in a holistic style

Sarah is a great person to have on your team.

Dan Young, CCIE and PMP
Director of Live Learning, Skillsoft