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Sarah Wischmeyer

Computer Software Instructor & Project Consultant
Specializing in Adobe & Microsoft Solutions

Hello, I am a skilled instructor, instructional designer, and project consultant with over two decades of experience supporting adult learners and business professionals.

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As a business professional, here are my key skills:

  • Analyze projects to identify and prioritize requirements and establish feasibility
  • Creatively and collaboratively approach scenarios to produce optimal solutions
  • Empower users to adopt new solutions
  • Exhibit patience, humor, and integrity in the workplace
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Passionate about the learner!

Adept at quickly learning new topics and then developing and delivering training.

As an instructor, I am passionate about the learner! I am comfortable in a variety of learning environments – hands-on classrooms, online eLearning, blended platforms, recording studios. I am comfortable with a variety of group dynamics – one-on-one, classes, very large groups. I am comfortable with a variety of learners in one space – different experience levels, different learning styles, different personality types, different roles.

My expertise is teaching software classes such as SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suite, and HTML/CSS. But I teach a much wider range, from rudimentary to technical, such as Facebook for beginners and Net+. I also teach soft skills classes such as Communication, coach other trainers, and facilitate Change Management awareness meetings. I am adept at quickly learning new topics and then developing and delivering training.

In addition to working with adults, I volunteer my time to work with children and teens.

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From learning objectives to learning experiences...

Identify areas for improvement in order to develop effective training.

As an instructional designer, I use my communication skills, creative sensibilities, and software expertise to build courses – from learning objectives to learning experiences.

I build memorable slide decks, interactive labs and web portals, hands-on training activities, easy-to-follow handbooks and procedural steps, instructive visual aids and quick-reference guides. I also create training documentation for future classes and alternate instructors.

This process also includes research, proofreading, QC, and responding to constructive feedback. It is important to identify areas for improvement in order to develop effective training. Plus, I love to learn.

Additionally, I often handle logistics such as booking and prepping class locations (onsite, virtual), managing and tracking attendance, evaluating and documenting results. I also assist in Change Management duties.

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Listen. Contribute. Collaborate.

As a solutions consultant, I listen to clients, stakeholders, and SMEs to discern the critical requirements for the success of their project and business. And I collaborate with people throughout the development and implementation phases.

I have played an integral part in a variety of projects; for example, books for print and eReaders, web development, newspaper ads, interactive forms, custom spreadsheets, dynamic database extraction, SharePoint workflows, and more.

My primary strategy is to work well with people to develop a solution that best fits the situation.

Testimonials & Endorsements

“I cannot imagine an easier person to work with, or a more complete way of bringing a job from concept to fruition.”
“Sarah makes me feel very comfortable learning new programs because she uses terms I can understand and a pace I can follow.”
“Sarah is a very organized individual who seeks to do the very best job possible within the time constraints provided.”

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