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I use my communication skills, creative sensibilities, and software expertise to build and present courses – from learning objectives to learning experiences.


Want to learn what's new about HTML5 and CSS3? Want to get started with HTML and CSS?

Video Screen Capture Video

Created with Camtasia.

» Watch Video HTML5/CSS3

Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint Slide Deck

» Preview HTML5/CSS3.pdf

» Download Source HTML5/CSS3.pptx

Microsoft Word Speaker Notes

Presentation notes for facilitator, created with Microsoft Word.

» HTML5/CSS3_Speaker Notes.pdf

SharePoint Demos

Use SharePoint everyday and you'll discover recurring questions.

SharePoint Everyday Topical Slide

For example, "What are SharePoint properties?"

Video Screen Capture Video

Created with PowerPoint (plus Audacity and Premiere).

» Watch Video SharePoint Everyday

Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint Slide Deck

Topical slides from my "SharePoint Everyday" series.

» SharePoint Everyday.pdf

SharePoint Everyday Topical Slide

SharePoint Everyday Topical Slide

SharePoint References

SharePoint Object Hierarchy At A Glance

The SharePoint hierarchy affects site security, content structures, navigation, and available features. Here's the big picture view of what everybody's talking about.

Snagit Microsoft Word Just-In-Time Guides

Easy-to-digest reference materials with written and visual instruction. Built with Word and Snagit.

» SharePoint Fundamentals: Search.pdf

» SharePoint Fundamentals: Views Pt 1.pdf

» SharePoint Fundamentals: Views Pt 2.pdf

Adobe InDesign At-A-Glance Diagrams

Handout with blanks for learners to fill in, plus completed version with answers. Built with InDesign.

» SharePoint Hierarchy.pdf

Visual depiction of concepts and terms. Built with InDesign.

» At A Glance: SharePoint Object Hierarchy.pdf

Excel / Outlook

Excel Everyday: Concact Lists

Use Excel to migrate info between devices, platforms, and software.

Outlook Reference Handout

Import contacts into Outlook.

Video YouTube Playlist

A series of short videos, created with Excel, PowerPoint, and Camtasia.

» Watch Playlist Excel Everyday: Contact Lists

» Watch Video 1) Intro

» Watch Video 2) Text To Columns

» Watch Video 3) Paper Forms

Microsoft Excel Learning Experience Activity

» Download Source Microsoft Excel Everyday: Contact Lists.xls

Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint Slide Deck

» Preview Microsoft Excel Everyday: Contact Lists.pdf

Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word Reference Handouts

Procedural steps for importing contacts into Outlook.

» Microsoft Outlook: Import Contacts.pdf


Adobe Illustrator Project

Learn how to apply drawing tools and techniques in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Acrobat PDF Learning Experience Activities

These Adobe Illustrator class files are saved in PDF format, which make them backwards compatible and easy to share, and yet they retain editing capabilities when opened in Illustrator.

These files represent the types of projects and materials I develop for hands-on classes!

» Adobe Illustrator Project: Transformation Tools.pdf

» Adobe Illustrator Project: Shape Builder Tool.pdf

» Adobe Illustrator Project: Drawing Tools and Techniques.pdf

Subnetting / Network+

Will your subnetting crib help you at test time?

Video Online Demo

Created with Camtasia.

» Watch Video Sarah's Favorite Subnetting Table

Microsoft Excel Interactive Spreadsheet Lab

Companion Excel spreadsheet with instructions and activities.

» Preview Subnetting Crib.pdf

» Download Source Subnetting Crib.xlsx

Microsoft Excel Training Video Tracker

Use a training video tracker to coordinate your steps, scripts, and interactive elements. Valuable for voiceover work, corrections, and collaboration. Valuable when creating a series of related content. Also valuable when starting the next project.

» Preview Training Video Tracker Template.pdf

» Download Source Training Video Tracker Template.xlsx

Instructional Design

Logo Design

From learning objectives to learning experiences...

Identify areas for improvement in order to develop effective training.

Determine » Design » Develop » Deliver » Document

I use my communication skills, creative sensibilities, and software expertise to build courses – from learning objectives to learning experiences. ADDIE/SAM friendly.

  • Develop brand new courses, update courses and versions
  • Determine learning objectives, course topics, delivery methods
  • Create slide decks, student handbooks, class handouts
  • Create interactive labs, practice files, learning activities
  • Record demos in studios, create screen capture videos, provide voiceover
  • Improve systems, proofread, edit, research, QC, redesign
  • Coordinate learning events, track attendance, document results
  • Collaborate with Project & Development team, support Change Management

I also deliver training and facilitate learning events.

Testimonials & Endorsements

“Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence are crucial...and she manages to keep things under control and deliver on-time.”
“Sarah contributed substantially in making improvements to our content development model...instructional design improvements, technical improvements with capturing content, and driving the quality of other instructors' work that she oversaw.”
“Her ability to understand what her students know and don't know and help them advance their skills is measurable and obvious in each class she teaches.”

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